Message from the Chair

What an exciting time for our committee. We are facing an unprecedented change in many workplaces, as well as a new administration expected to bring sweeping changes to the country’s labor and employment policymakers. My goal is to work with my excellent colleagues on this committee to assist labor and employment attorneys in Oregon. Consistent with that goal, I embrace the bar’s mission to “serve justice and the public interest by promoting respect for the rule of law, by improving the quality of legal services, and by increasing access to justice.”

I welcome all members of the bar and the communities we serve to let myself and the committee know how we can help you better serve your clients and the public. What are the topics and issues that you would like our programming to address? How can we make our materials more accessible to those who would benefit from them?

We aim to be a resource for OSB members and want to center the voices and concerns of historically underrepresented groups.

I look forward to seeing you at one of our events!


Jose Klein
Chair, Executive Committee
OSB Labor & Employment Section